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LIFE: Finding Peace in an Anxious World
Kieran Dunne
Kieran begins our new teaching series, LIFE: Where's the pause button? He looks at what the Bible says about anxiety, fear & worry.
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  • Downloads: 128
  • Recorded: 10/03/2019
  • Length: 37 minutes
Brand New: Forgiveness
Kieran Dunne
How does Jesus transform our relationships? In this message Kieran explores the subject of forgiveness and how knowing Jesus can impact our relationships.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 65.2MB)
  • Downloads: 214
  • Recorded: 03/02/2019
  • Length: 35 minutes
Turning The World Upside Down: You Can't Be Serious
Kieran Dunne
Continuing our series from the book of Acts, Kieran speaks from Acts 9 about ordinary Jesus followers being used by God.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 49.8MB)
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  • Recorded: 02/12/2018
  • Length: 26 minutes
Turning The World Upside Down: Been With Jesus?
Kieran Dunne
Kieran explores how our lives can be turned upside-down when we have been with Jesus.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 48.1MB)
  • Downloads: 285
  • Recorded: 30/09/2018
  • Length: 26 minutes
Questions Jesus Asked: Why Worry?
Kieran Dunne
Kieran explores some of the reasons why we worry and how God can help us.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 54.9MB)
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  • Recorded: 12/08/2018
  • Length: 30 minutes
Friend of Jesus
Kieran Dunne
On our 'Here Comes The Summer Sunday', Kieran follows a rhythmic dance routine to share the good news of Jesus.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 34.1MB)
  • Downloads: 352
  • Recorded: 29/07/2018
  • Length: 20 minutes
Worship: 'Mercy, mercy'
Kieran Dunne
What does worshipping God day by day look like? In this talk from the Worship series we look at how this works day by day.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 31.1MB)
  • Downloads: 667
  • Recorded: 06/05/2018
  • Length: 43 minutes
Easter 2018: Because He Lives
Kieran Dunne
As we gather on Easter Sunday, Kieran reminds us that the risen Jesus knows your name and that changes everything. He lives.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 15.9MB)
  • Downloads: 507
  • Recorded: 01/04/2018
  • Length: 22 minutes
  • References: Matthew 28:6
    John 20:13-16
Rescued: Jesus is the king
Kieran Dunne
Kieran continues our Kingdom Citizens teaching series, speaking about the King who rescues us on a morning where we saw a number of people get baptised.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 17.6MB)
  • Downloads: 523
  • Recorded: 28/01/2018
  • Length: 24 minutes
  • Reference: Colossians 1:13-14
Peace: External, Internal & Eternal
Kieran Dunne
We're all looking for peace sometimes, but how and where do we find a peace that lasts? Kieran's message from Carols at Kings 2017.
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  • Recorded: 17/12/2017
  • Length: 0 minutes