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A Fresh Start
Kieran Dunne
A Remembrance Sunday talk looking at how peace and hope can be found.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 24.2MB)
  • Downloads: 240
  • Recorded: 12/11/2017
  • Length: 34 minutes
  • Reference: 2 Corinthians 5:17
Sign #3: Jesus claims to be God
Kieran Dunne
What evidence is there that Jesus claimed to be anything more than a good religious teacher? How can we know and believe that Jesus is who he says he is? We continue the series by looking at the third sign recorded in John's gospel.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 25.0MB)
  • Downloads: 231
  • Recorded: 22/10/2017
  • Length: 35 minutes
  • Reference: John 5:1-13
I Wasn't Expecting That
Kieran Dunne
Jesus met Matthew right where he was at in his place of work. No matter where you are or what stage of life you are at Jesus will meet with you and encourage you to follow him.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 19.7MB)
  • Downloads: 252
  • Recorded: 24/09/2017
  • Length: 27 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 9:9-13
Revival: Time To Stand Up
Kieran Dunne
In the final talk of the series we look at how an obscure town in Florida saw what was described as the longest running move of God in over 100 years.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 25.6MB)
  • Downloads: 209
  • Recorded: 27/08/2017
  • Length: 36 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 2:14
Many Convincing Proofs
Kieran Dunne
What does it take for us to think about bigger things in life? Success or sickness? Losing or winning? Joy or grief? Is God interested in our life journey, and if so, how can we convinced about that?
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MP3 Audio (26.6MB)
  • Downloads: 315
  • Recorded: 09/07/2017
  • Length: 23 minutes
The Helper: Jesus Has just Begun
Kieran Dunne
This talk helps us to see how Jesus continues to work in our lives. How does he help us reach out to a hurting world?
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 18.1MB)
  • Downloads: 316
  • Recorded: 04/06/2017
  • Length: 26 minutes
  • Reference: Acts 1:1
Easter Sunday 2017: Because He Lives
Kieran Dunne
If Jesus is alive, what happens when people encounter him? How can an event 2000 years ago impact our 21st century lives? Kieran unpacks these questions at our Easter Sunday meeting.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 16.3MB)
  • Downloads: 290
  • Recorded: 16/04/2017
  • Length: 23 minutes
The Beautiful Mess: God Makes It Grow
Kieran Dunne
Keeping a proper perspective on living a life for God.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 18.0MB)
  • Downloads: 399
  • Recorded: 26/03/2017
  • Length: 26 minutes
  • Reference: 1 Corinthians 3:3-16
The Big Objections: Hypocrisy
Kieran Dunne
This talk responds to the big question, 'Isn't the church full of judgmental hypocrites?' There's recognition of the many imperfections of the church and reflection on some things Jesus said about hypocrites too.
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 12.9MB)
  • Downloads: 512
  • Recorded: 30/10/2016
  • Length: 28 minutes
  • References: Matthew 23:1-39
    John 7:53-8:11
The First Thing
Kieran Dunne
What do Youtube vlogger 'Sprinkle of Glitter' and former Satanist have in common? They both discovered 'The First Thing'.
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MP3 Audio (64Kbps, 11.4MB)
  • Downloads: 417
  • Recorded: 25/09/2016
  • Length: 25 minutes
  • Reference: John 1:35-42