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Be More Astronaut
Kieran Dunne
On baptism Sunday, Kieran brings a message calling us to slow down and seek Jesus.
21st July 2019
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  • Recorded: 21/07/2019
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Faith For Finance
Terry Virgo
On our gift day Terry challenges and encourages us to trust God with everything, including our money.
14th July 2019
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Rooted: Strengthen Your Core
Rachel Gardner
Guest speaker Rachel Gardner joins us to continue our series, Rooted, sharing how speaking and reading the Word of God is the most powerful weapon.
07 July 2019
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Rooted Part Two: 'Doers of the Word'
Jim Partridge
Jim continues our teaching series about reading and understanding the Bible. Jesus said that we need to listen to his words AND put them into practice. If we want to put down strong roots we need to become doers of the word. What response do we make to what the Bible says?
30th June 2019
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  • Recorded: 30/06/2019
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Rooted - Going Deeper, Growing Stronger
Tim Goodenough
Tim begins our new teaching series, Rooted, sharing what it means to be 'rooted' in the Word.
23rd June 2019
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  • Recorded: 23/06/2019
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Who Are We? Courage
Jim Partridge
Jim concludes our series, Who Are We?, on Father's Day with a message from the Bible about what it means to live courageously.
16th June 2019
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  • Recorded: 16/06/2019
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Jesus Calms The Storm
Brian Heasley
Brian joined us ahead of Thy Kingdom Come prayer event, preaching from the book of Mark.
9th June 2019
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  • Recorded: 09/06/2019
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Who Are We? Hospitality
Jim Partridge
We continue our 'Who are we?' series by looking at the value of hospitality. We welcome others because God has so generously welcomed us. With input from Nigel & Sarah Goodenough.
2nd June 2019
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  • Recorded: 02/06/2019
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Who Are We? Wholehearted
Tim Goodenough
Continuing our series, Who Are We?, Tim breaks down what it means to be wholehearted in our faith. Just as Jesus loves us fully, how can we love him wholeheartedly?
26 May 2019
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  • Recorded: 26/05/2019
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Who Are We? Grace
Kieran Dunne
Kieran speaks about our first value, Grace. More than mercy and forgiveness, grace is getting what you don't deserve. Grace is a person and his name is Jesus.
19th May
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