Real Life Stories 

We love to celebrate what God has done in people's lives. Here are a few stories from members of The King's Church Mid-Sussex.


Bobby McAdam

I don’t come from a church family. I was never particularly interested in God or anything to do with Church, I wasn’t against it, it just wasn’t for me.

Growing up I moved around schools a bit and was generally pretty naughty and unsettled, I had little time for authority and did what I wanted as much as I could. I come from a great family, loving parents and two older brothers who would happily intimidate anyone who threat (more...)


Slide1I wasn’t brought up a Christian. Church for our family was simply a place you went to for a wedding or funeral, I didn’t have a good opinion of it and found it boring… I guess it just wasn’t for me.  

Although I have a great family, my upbringing was tough after the loss of my brother at such a young age. My family and I didn't know how to deal with the grief. It eventually played out in other ways: by my teenage years I was into going to raves and doing drugs. By the time I (more....)