As well as our Sunday morning kids work we also have mid-week activities for those in School Years 6-13


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Accelerate is a youth group for School Years 6-8 that runs on a Tuesday evening from 6pm-7.30pm during term time. The evenings are designed to encourage friendships and provide a fun place to hang out. On a typical evening there will be fun sporty games, a tuck shop and times for the kids to get to know more about Jesus, church and the leaders.

At our Sunday morning meetings, we run a programme for School Years 6-8 that runs every week. Through bible teaching and discussion we aim to equip young people to lead authentic Christian lives and grow in their relationship with God, with lots of fun and games thrown in along the way!

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On a Tuesday our youth group for School Years 9+, The Rising runs from 7:30-9pm during term time. These evenings provide a relaxed space for teenagers to make good friendships, chat and take part in other activities. Every week we also teach how to live focussed on Jesus, and how to balance that with teenage life.

The Rising also meets every other Sunday during the 11.30am meeting.


Newday is an event held every August for around 8,000 young people aged 12-19. There's worship, teaching, live bands, a chance to do outreach in a local town and much more. Every year we take a group of approximately 100 young people and team. For more information please check the Newday website.

For more details on any of our youth activities please contact the church offices or for information of our programme for children in school year 5 and below click here.

We are commited to best practice in our activities safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults as well as those in our teams. If you'd like to find out about our Safeguarding Policy and Practice please contact our Safeguarding Coordinators via the church offices.