Donating to King's Auto Repairs

Why not donate your used vehicle to King's Auto Repairs who will release its full value to help those in genuine need.

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King's Auto Repairs (KARs) is a progression of Peter Williamson's dream of fixing people's cars for free. For many, a car is essential but due to financial hardship repairs can be unaffordable. Here is one way those of us who are blessed to be able to afford to change our vehicles can help support this work. By donating your used vehicle to King's Auto Repairs we can either pass it directly to a family in real need or sell it and use the proceeds to carry out essential vehicle repairs for someone who cannot afford it.

We are looking for cars with 3 years of good life left in them which will usually mean cars less than 10 years old with less than 80,000 miles on the clock (100,000 miles for diesel cars). This is important as we only want to sell or pass on cars we believe will serve the new owners well. Our car sales process is handled by volunteers so after we have deducted the cost of servicing the donated vehicle the full sales price will go directly to fund repairs for people in need of financial assistance.

King's Auto Repairs undertake an eligibility review to screen potential recipients. Where appropriate we also provide support to help them become self-sufficient in the future.

If you would like to find out more about buying or donating a vehicle please visit or call 01444 244215.

Q1 Is King's Auto Repairs a charity?
King's Auto Repairs is part of The King's Church Mid Sussex which is a registered charity (charity number 1110018)

Q2 Can I gift aid my car donation?
Yes, this is often possible if you are a UK tax payer. This way KAR can reclaim additional tax that you have paid on the value of the car at no cost to yourself.

Q3 How do I know that the donation will be used to help those in real need?
KAR or trusted partner organisations screen each potential recipient to ensure they have a genuine need for a car and that they are facing real financial hardship. Where possible our aim is also to support people to get back to a stage where they are financially independant in future.

Q4 Would KARs be willing to pay for part of the value of my car as I need some of the money?
We are not really set up to work like this but it may be possible in exceptional circumstances. Please email us.

Q5 My vehicle is older or with more miles than you have indicated. Are you still interested in receiving it?
If it is just outside these criteria then we may be able to, depending on the make (japanese cars for example are typically particulary reliable). Please email us the details but we regret we are not able to accept vehicles that we consider to not have 3 years good life left in them.

Q6 Do you accept cash donations?
Yes, these are very welcome. You can give by bank transfer (please email for details) or by cash via the offering taken during TKC Sunday meetings (please put in envelope marked KAR). If you are a tax payer please consider gift aid.

Q7 How can I be sure that King's Auto Repairs is a properly run organisation?
KARs is part of The King's Church Mid Sussex, charity number 1110018. The work of KARs is overseen by trustees of the charity who ensure that all KARs activities are carried out for charitable purposes.