Freedom Course

Based on the Freedom in Christ discipleship course written by Neil Anderson this course helps people find lasting freedom through a relationship with Jesus.


Every Christian, both new and not so new, can find valuable help on this course used by over 300,000 people in the UK.  It's for those progressing steadily in their faith and those who feel stuck.

  • Grasp the amazing truth of your new identity in Christ
  • Break through to a greater level of maturity as a Christian
  • Learn to recognise what is really holding you back
  • Resolve personal and spiritual conflicts
  • Leave behind negative thinking and unhelpful habits

For more details and to book your place please contact the church offices.

What people are saying about the Freedom Course...

"There are times when I would feel weighed down by day to day routines. I found the Freedom Course insightful  and uplifting. I learnt that when I acknowledge truths and reject strongholds I am strengthened to face challenges. I  try to put these into practice daily." - Natalie

"Through this course I felt a real sense of my faith being stretched and strengthened. There's such I could say about it but my advice would be to try it yourself." - Darrell

"The Freedom in Christ Course was so much fun and all the teaching made so much sense right from the start. Lies that had shaped me and been holding me back all my life were entirely shattered and replaced with the truth of who I am in Christ. The course has been one of the single most significant things I have done as a Christian and I would recommend it to everyone." - Sue