Money Course 

Not just for those in debt, the Money Course blends biblical principles with tried-and-tested practical teaching to help individuals prepare a robust and realistic personal or household budget.


Over 4 weeks, this relaxed, fun, interactive course aims to help individuals:

  • Build a personal or household budget step by step in order to take control of their money. The course includes tips and strategies on controlling and balancing personal finances and highly effective practical methods of managing spending day by day
  • Think through wider issues of financial capability, the importance of financial planning, regular saving, the wise use of credit and the importance of generous giving
  • Explore their own relationship with money and their attitudes to subjects such as spending and giving, using the wisdom of the Bible as a reference point

For more information email or contact the church offices on 01444 244215.

What people are saying about The Money Course...
“I had a very lazy attitude to money. I paid very little interest to our financial wellbeing leaving my wife to manage our household budget completely on her own. We participated in the course together and found the four sessions practical, informative and fun. Over the four weeks, we were given some great tips and advice as to how to manage our money. Regardless of your financial situation, this course has something to offer. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.” - Leigh