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Revival: We Need God
Steve Cornford
This one considers how revival changes our perspective, reminding us how much we need God. While doing this Steve talked of Jesus feeding the 5000 and Jonathan Edwards.
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  • Downloads: 107
  • Recorded: 13/08/2017
  • Length: 38 minutes
  • Reference: Matthew 14:13-21
Revival and Repentance
Jim Partridge
We continue our series on revival by hearing the story of the Isle of Lewis revival (1949-1953). Jim explores the centrality of prayer and repentance and encourages us to pray for revival in our generation.
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  • Downloads: 189
  • Recorded: 06/08/2017
  • Length: 17 minutes
Revival and Restoration
Terry Virgo
Terry shares the story of some historical revivals, and encourages us to pray for God to move.
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  • Downloads: 1274
  • Recorded: 30/07/2017
  • Length: 45 minutes
Enjoy Life
Jim Partridge
As we head into the summer break Jim reminds us that God saved us for relationship not just activity and that we can enjoy him and his good creation in every moment of our lives.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 22.9MB)
  • Downloads: 217
  • Recorded: 23/07/2017
  • Length: 33 minutes
  • References: Ecclesiastes 3:1
    Ecclesiastes 8:15
The Helper: Spirit of Power, Not Timidity
Jim Partridge
In the final message of our series "The Helper", Jim looks at the fact that we have not received a spirit of timidity but of power and calls us to courageous faith as we follow Jesus.
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 22.3MB)
  • Downloads: 221
  • Recorded: 16/07/2017
  • Length: 33 minutes
  • Reference: 2 Timothy 1:3-8
Many Convincing Proofs
Kieran Dunne
What does it take for us to think about bigger things in life? Success or sickness? Losing or winning? Joy or grief? Is God interested in our life journey, and if so, how can we convinced about that?
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  • Downloads: 203
  • Recorded: 09/07/2017
  • Length: 23 minutes
Rich Generosity
Jim Partridge
We never lose when we give to God. In this week's message, Jim speaks about the privilege of giving to God's work, including stories from his recent trip to Kenya where he met many who have benefitted from the money raised at last year's Gift Days.
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  • Downloads: 188
  • Recorded: 02/07/2017
  • Length: 47 minutes
The Helper: Fighting For Good Fruit
Tim Goodenough
Tim takes a look at Paul's words about the fruit of the Spirit, explaining how our lives are changed bit by bit.
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MP3 Audio (38.9MB)
  • Downloads: 173
  • Recorded: 25/06/2017
  • Length: 34 minutes
God Sees Our Potential
Andy Hawthorne
God knows our individual personalities and character, and he has a unique plan for each of us.
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  • Downloads: 229
  • Recorded: 18/06/2017
  • Length: 35 minutes
The Helper: Do Not Quench The Holy Spirit
Jim Partridge
Does the Holy Spirit feel welcome and free to minister as we gather? The Bible suggests we can grieve, resist and quench the spirit - what can we do to delight, welcome and ignite the Spirit?
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MP3 Audio (96Kbps, 18.1MB)
  • Downloads: 366
  • Recorded: 11/06/2017
  • Length: 26 minutes
  • References: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22
    Acts 7:51
    Ephesians 4:29-30